All About California Cleaner Cotton™

All About California Cleaner Cotton™

Our Kate sweater utilizes 100% California-grown Cleaner Cotton™, which is produced by Californian farmers that have made the pledge not to use the thirteen most toxic chemicals used on cotton. 

They use integrated pest management strategies as the first line of defence in prevention and treatment of infestations, and they use low-toxicity pesticides only when all other efforts have failed. They operate with a pragmatic, multi-pronged approach to farming, which has seen chemical use decrease by 73%.



The overwhelming majority of cotton grown in California is grown in the San Joaquin Valley, which now faces serious issues with air and water quality, partially due to the toxic farming practices in the region. 

With conventional farming practices, toxic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides often seep into the ground and rivers, polluting water sources.  

Cleaner Cotton™ farmers are working to change the industry for the better, helping to improve the conditions for local residents, as well as for our planet as a whole.

Not only do these farmers operate with more Earth-friendly methods, the cotton that they produce is of the luxurious Pima variety, which is characterized by longer fibres that boast enhanced longevity and softness.  



We are pleased to support this initiative with our Kate sweater, crafted with 100% California-grown Cleaner Cotton.

We love the Kate sweater not only for it's sustainable construction, but due to the timeless silhouette and endlessly versatile styling options, making it a true heirloom-quality piece.

The Kate can be worn as a simple beach cover-up, or styling can be elevated for a formal, elegant look. 





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