Meet Pakucho Cotton

Meet Pakucho Cotton

Pakucho - "As close to nature as colours can be."

Styles from our Superbloom collection highlights a new material in pakucho cotton, also known as colour-grown cotton. Pakucho comes from the ancient Incan word for 'brown cotton', named for it's unique natural characteristics.

Pakucho cotton naturally grows in deeply pigmented colours, making this yarn entirely free from dyes - safest for even the most sensitive skin.


Our pakucho cotton is sorted by hand, just as it has been for generations. This is a heritage trade which we are so pleased to support.

Pakucho cotton (Gossipyum barbadense) supports biodiversity, as global demand is overwhelmingly for white cotton (Gossypium hirsutum).


This is a heritage form of cotton, which is being preserved by few.

Our pakucho cotton is EKO Certified Organic by the USDA, GOTS, SKAL, and is Certified Fair Trade by Control Union Fair Choice.


Organic cotton uses less water than conventional cotton, and avoids toxic pesticides that pollute the environment.

Discover the Summer Collection here, highlighting 100% pakucho cotton. 


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